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Cut Foam Products - Spartan Foam

Spartan Foam is a premium supplier of cut foam products made of polyurethane foam, which is mostly used in mattresses and lounge suites, is a very diverse product. This type of foam is used in most items surrounding you. The diversity of this type of foam is quite amazing and can be applied to many uses from furniture to Halloween costumes.

Polyurethane foam comes in many grades which are referred to as densities, however the most common used densities are low density, medium density and high density. Each density is portrayed in a different colour so it is easy to differentiate.

Many people do not understand that different grades of foam are applied to different usages; it is not possible to assume that any foam can be applied to just any usage. For example should you require foam for a bed for a heavy person, denser foam is required in contrast to a mattress that would be used for a baby.

Memory foam is also a very up and coming type of foam which can be used for luxury as well as health purposes.  Spartan Foam offers a variety of memory foam products as well as the ability to create a product according to your requirements.

Here at Spartan Foam we try our utmost to help you choose the correct foam for the usage required. Our staff are knowledgeable in the usage of foam and will help you to choose the correct foam. We also specialise in a limited amount of profile cutting and moulding. Should we not be able to help you we will make it our priority to find out more about your requirement and we will direct you in the right direction.

So for friendly service and advice, choose Spartan Foam as the place to order your foam requirements. You will be more than satisfied.

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